Media is an important part of the Christian faith


Without it we would not have the letters that Paul wrote to the early church. Paul used every means of communication at his disposal to encourage, educate and involve his supporters and readers. As a result, millions have come to know the love of the living Christ, and become his followers.


Today, missionaries have an even better means of communicating with their home churches and the world that they serve in. To this end, Stone Soup Media provides communications so that missionaries, organizations and individuals around the world can more effectively reach out to minister and witness. Painting a picture of their work helps them encourage and involve others in their ministry.


Stone Soup Media does this in many different ways, including print, internet, video and training. Past work includes projects like video for Wycliffe Bible translators, brochures and radio spots for the African Bible University, media for local businesses started by Christians to better the lives of Ugandans, prayer cards, Powerpoints, photography and more.

Media has often been used to promote things that are not of God. But it can also be used to reach people for the Lord in more effective ways. As the world spins a little faster towards the second coming, the gospel message will be taken to every tongue and every nation, and I believe that many will be reached through media placed as a tool in the hands of God's people.


What talents has God given you that can be used for His Kingdom?